Corporate Entertainment

With 20 years experience as an after dinner speaker and wine entertainer, I host corporate and private wine events from London to Sydney; always blending fun, laughter, learning and of course, tasting great wines.

Team Building

My wine themed team building and motivation events promote leadership, bonding, communication skills and team performance, leaving the participants with a wealth of wine knowledge for future business and social occasions.

TV and Radio

From BBC2 to Radio 4, CNN to Talk Radio and SKY to 5Live, I keep wine simple to boost viewers' and listeners' understanding and enjoyment of wine.

Wine Consultancy

After helping hotels, restaurants, airlines and cruise lines make the right wine choice, I now create 'Personal Selection' wine lists for restaurants and hotels to simplify choice, enhance the dining experience and boost sales.

Wine Courses

My action and wine packed one day and three day wine courses are a speciality; after travelling the world's vineyards you'll walk away a wine expert!

Writing and Journalism

Thank goodness the boring 'vineyard-grape-shopping list' articles are being rejected by editors; sadly however, nothing has emerged to take their place. But, it doesn't have to be that way; there's a great story out there and exciting ways to tell it. That's what I do!