Corporate Events, Tastings.

With 20 years experience, I host corporate and private wine events from London to Sydney. Tasting great wines with fun, learning and laughter provides a convivial and magical B2B environment to boost client business opportunities.

On a mission; to make wine work for you.

Team Building

My wine themed Team Building and Motivation Events promote leadership, bonding, communication skills and team performance.
Teams also gain a wealth of wine knowledge, making future business entertainment less daunting and more effective.

On a mission; to make wine work for you.

TV and Radio

From BBC2 to Radio 4, CNN to Talk Radio and SKY to 5Live, I keep wine simple to boost viewers' and listeners' understanding and enjoyment of wine.

Wine Consultancy

After helping hotels, restaurants, airlines and cruise lines make the right wine choice, I now create 'Personal Selection' wine lists for restaurants and hotels to simplify choice, excite the dining experience and lift sales.

On a mission; to make wine work for you.

Wine Courses

Hosting the wine courses at a leading Culinary Academy, my One Day Wine Course is a speciality. After a wine packed day travelling the world's vineyards, you'll become the wine expert you always wanted to be.

On a mission; to make wine work for you.

Writing and Journalism

Thank goodness the boring 'vineyard-grape-shopping list' articles are being rejected by editors. Sadly however, nothing has emerged to take their place. But, it doesn't have to be that way; there's a great story out there and exciting ways to tell it. That's what I do!